27 Protective Hairstyles to Help Transition Your Look for Summer

Growing up, I distinctly remember sitting in between my mom's legs on Saturday mornings in the summertime: I'd be flinching and squirming to avoid her grip, and she'd desperately attempt to put a few braids, cornrows or whatever style she could muster, into my hair since she knew I'd be going to the pool with my friends. Even from a young age, I was learning about protective hairstyles and why I needed them to preserve the health of my hair. Years (and more than 5.2 million Instagram hashtags)

Jamé Jackson Articles, XONECOLE

In xoNecole's Finding Balance, we profile boss women making boss moves in the world and in their respective industries. We talk to them about their business, their life, and most of all, what they do to find balance in their busy lives. I don't know about y'all, but when I think of fitness, I definitely don't associate it with fun. For years, it has felt like the reason I won't hit the gym, I won't grab a trainor, and I'll continue to eat delicious food that is no good for my waistline is due,

9 Style Writers Told Us Their Summer Faves And We Want Everything

My summer go-to look is: High-waisted white jeans or cropped jeans with shirts I can tuck in – I'll rotate through a variety of t-shirts or tanks, and loose crop tops with intricate detailing. It gives me a good base of an outfit to layer with jackets (I love a good light bomber, leather jacket or patterned faux fur) to instantly make an outfit more fun. I'm most looking forward to: Like half of the fashion industry right now, I'm on the hunt for a wicker bag that suits me. Nothing too big or

This Video About Black Hair Proves There Is No Such Thing as ‘Bad Hair’

Black hair has long been a topic of contention within society — from discussing whether non-people of color wearing traditional African-American hairstyles is cultural appropriation to passing legislation that legalizes the firing of people with dreadlocks if a company so chooses. Not to mention, having one’s hair labeled as “nappy,” “unmanageable,” and other negative terms is enough to make anyone feel unworthy and not beautiful. The desire to showcase the beauty of black hair is what inspire

Pyer Moss Designer’s Touching Hair Tribute to His Father

Kerby Jean-Raymond, the founder of menswear label Pyer Moss, is known for his activism, both on and off the runway. For his fall 2017 collection, the designer made a different activist cry: a personal ode to his father in his aging years, illustrated through hair. The collection, “My Father as I Remember, 1980-1999,” is the first part of a multiseason series called “Stories About My Parents.” After having what could be interpreted as a strenuous relationship with his father, an immigrant who ar

Fashion Week’s Crowning Natural-Hair Moments

It’s obvious that designers are making strides toward embracing diversity at New York Fashion Week. This season, natural hairstyles were spotted at several runway shows for many designers, including Calvin Klein Collection, Alice & Olivia, and Gypsy Sport, suggesting that insiders are acknowledging that you can and should wear your kinky, curly, wavy, coily, and dreadlocked hair with pride. In the video above, we shine a spotlight on all the beautiful natural-hair moments at Fashion Week. Read

The 1 Key Step for Emma Stone’s Glowing Skin

If you don’t believe in the power of a facial, you’ve never met Georgia Louise. With a celebrity clientele that boasts big Hollywood names such as Emma Stone, Isabelle Huppert, and Amy Schumer, Louise’s services are in high demand. You’ll find the beauty guru in her cozy Manhattan atelier tending to her clients’ skin — plumping, toning, and perfecting it in preparation for the Oscars, the most anticipated show of the awards season. “There are just some celebrities who have to-die-for skin,” Lou

Men’s Grooming Guru: ‘Masculinity Is So Fragile, It’s So Toxic’

Yahoo’s Diversity in Beauty Awards (the DIBs) highlight and celebrate personalities, brands, and products that embody inclusiveness and innovation. We enlisted eight experts who have championed diversity in their careers and cover all bases of the beauty industry to vote on the best in makeup, skin care, hair care, and more. Here, DIBs judge David Yi discusses how his men’s beauty and grooming site blurs gender lines and shatter stereotypes. David Yi, the founder of a men’s beauty and grooming

How bold women with buzzcuts are changing the definition of beauty

A week before I began my freshman year at Howard University in 2011, I went to my local barber, sat in the chair, and told him to cut off all my hair. After years of perms and hot combs burning my scalp and leaving me to equate beauty with pain, I knew it was time for a change. Amid the many stares of the men in the shop questioning why I would want to do that, I felt the buzzers on the nape of my neck and knew I wasn’t turning back. When I left the barbershop, I felt empowered and free; however

Muslim Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad was once kicked out of a fabric store because of her hijab

“American Beauty” is a new series in which Yahoo Lifestyle takes a virtual cross-country journey to discover what beauty means — reimagining the American flag through the diverse group of faces that make up the United States of America. For our first installment, we’re focusing on Muslim-American women, highlighting what makes this group unique while showcasing the common threads that bring us together. In this edition of “Inspired By,” Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad explains the trials and tri

Everything You Need To Know Before Starting Your Locs

"I always loved locs. Since I was a little girl when I would see a lady in my neighborhood with them. I thought they were magic," DuVernay once captioned a photo from a Hollywood Reporter story. "No one in my family wore their hair in this style. I grew up going to the beauty salon with my Mom or getting my hair pressed in the kitchen by my Gramma. I've had every style. Short bobs. Long weaves. Braids of all kinds. But when I saw this picture... I smiled at the crown that now adorns my head. And

Gucci Is Being Criticized For Cultural Appropriation Yet Again, And I Am Just Tired

People pointed out the turban's similarity to traditional headwear of the Sikh community. On top of feeling like the luxury brand was ripping off a sacred aspect of a religious group, many were confused by Gucci's choice to present the turban on a white model, instead of finding a brown model, which would have felt more appropriate. “There is a fine line between cultural appropriation and appreciation," Shireen Jiwan, founder and chief investigator of Sleuth Brand Consulting, a brand management

Camp Belonged To Black And Gay Communities Before It Was Met Gala Popular

I'm sure many of you have heard of the documentary, The First Monday in May, which takes us all behind the scenes of how the biggest night in fashion comes to be, from conceptualization to the afterparties. The night serves as the largest fundraiser for the Met's fashion department, and each year, celebrities and fashion's biggest leaders join together for a night of celebration, awareness, and of course, money.

How Backstage Beauty Pros Can Step Up Their Inclusivity This Season

Here's what hairstylists and makeup artists need to do to be better equipped to work with models of color at Fashion Week and beyond. Though the runways have become immensely more diverse over the years — the Spring 2018 women's shows in New York were the most ethnically inclusive ever, comprised of an estimated 36.9 percent models of color — there's still a disconnect in terms of diversity when we look beyond fulfilling a numerical quota. Head backstage at any NYFW show, and amidst the chaos,

19 Beautiful Natural Hair Moments From the Fall 2018 NYFW Runways

With the ongoing discussion of diversity in fashion, both on and off the runway, it's always refreshing to see natural hair celebrated on models of color during fashion week and beyond. Considering it wasn't even that long ago that seeing natural hair on a runway was truly an anomaly, seeing and celebrating all hair textures is certainly worthy of commendation. This season, we spotted an impressive number of buzzed beauties, flowy tresses, bodacious locs and all levels of Afros, kinks, coils and

Meet The Dooplex, The Self-Described 'Sephora of Black Beauty Products'

"Living in Trump's America, we wanted an outlet to talk about issues important to women of color and highlight women who are so often overlooked." It's no secret that if you're a woman of color, finding beauty products from mainstream brands suited to you can often be difficult (as an understatement). Sure, the past few years have seen an improvement, with more brown-girl friendly options coming to the mass market — BlackUp, Fenty Beauty and the growing expansion of Nars products, just to name

Exclusive: "Black Girl Church" Is A Love Story Between Black Women And Our Hair

Every black girl knew the sentiment growing up. You sat between your momma’s legs as she worked the gels and creams throughout your tresses. She’d sort through your thick hair with her weapon of choice; A rattail comb, a paddle brush, or maybe even her hands. She’d finish you off with a finishing spray, maybe a bit of oil sheen, or even your favorite pair of barettes. Getting your hair done wasn’t just a requirement, it almost felt like therapy, taking you back to a simpler time that taught you

This Natural Hair Subscription Box Is Helping Democratize Hair Again

Black hair isn’t the same, sorry to disappoint. Oh, and neither is natural hair. While many of you may be wondering why I’d feel compelled to make such an argument, I’m sure there are many of you who understand that because each one of us are different, our hair and hair needs differ as well. And the same way in which we discuss how blackness is not a monolithic measurement of who we are as a people, that ideal gets lost every single day in the midst of advertisers, marketers, and social media
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